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You never pay for advertising beyond your market. Your message gets into hundreds, sometimes thousands of local households each and every month.

Newsletter advertising effectively reaches the affluent and ever-growing retired population.

Get immediate contact with new residents who move into the community.

The newsletter medium itself has a very positive connotation. The idea is that only upright, honest, trustworthy people would choose to advertise in a publication such as this. The medium itself provides credibility and the cost is remarkably low.

Members are grateful for your support of their newsletter and become LOYAL, repeat customers.

In addition to the new heights newsletter advertising brings your business, your advertising dollars actually make the newsletter possible!

On top of all this, your advertising dollars spent in newsletters are 100% tax deductible.


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 ------- About Bon Venture -------
Established over 43 years ago, Bon Venture continues to be a strong advocate of helping businesses help themselves while they give back to their communities: by offering advertising programs where you, your business, invests in advertising space which offsets the costs associated with distributing printed information to its members - your targeted audience.

Newsletter advertising programs with Bon Venture are simple, effective and, at such a remarkably low cost, can be designed to fit your budget. We invite you to join our family of businesses, both large and small, who continue to enjoy the benefits of advertising with Bon Venture!

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