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Our weekly bulletin is your main communication tool with your parishioners. It is important that its appearance helps to enhance your message. We strive to make the creation and publication of your bulletin as worry-free as possible.

       High quality white vellum paper
       Environmentally friendly inks
       Quality control, from start to finish
       24 hour delivery emergency hotline

       Free weekly bulletin service
       Tech support with training available
       Generous & equitable revenue sharing programs
       Advertising sponsors retained by our representatives
       Electronically submitted bulletin via PrintIT
       Custom templates designed for your needs
       Your own personal production representative
       Support of all major word processing software
       Weekly bulletin content for download from our web site
       Special covers and art requests
       Subscription to children's bulletins
       Attractive hard binding of your bulletins annually
       Flyers & inserts available


 We also provide you with the resources to make  communicating with your parish a snap. From the
 very start we provide you with a custom designed 
 cover - your idea or ours.

 Graphics, for use in all your applications
    Sunday Today Readings
    His Word Today     
    Daily Readings
    Kid's Korner
    Calendar 1-2-3
    Bulletin 1-2-3
    Special Covers

    Weekly email aides
  • PrintIT
  • BV Net
  • e-tools
  • LifeLine
  • Renew
  • Extra! Extra!
PrintIT delivers your bulletin copy to us exactly as you intended it. No more shifted columns, misplaced graphics, or unintended font replacements. What you see and send is truly what you get! PrintIT is an important part of our conversion to an all digital workflow, so the quality of your bulletin is maintained from your desktop to final delivery. And since it is so efficient, it allows time for your personal production representative to help you with our other services like bulletin redesign, special cover creation, and more! 
BV Net provides our customers with exceptional website design, hosting, and maintenance services. Whether you are technologically savvy or need help starting from scratch, BV Net services are there for you when you need them. It’s all part of the outstanding package of services available exclusively to Bon Venture customers!    
e-tools is a helpful weekly email that gives you instant access to some of the liturgical content available for the upcoming Sunday bulletin. Customers who subscribe to this free service will enjoy the convenience of an email that includes links to Modern Worship graphics, as well as Sunday Today readings, His Word Today and daily readings available to copy and paste into your bulletin. 
LifeLine is our top notch support system that really puts the ‘service’ in Bon Venture Services. It all begins with your personal production representative who is there to help you every step of the way, from creating your bulletin to troubleshooting basic computer problems. Behind them is an additional support staff that stands ready to tackle those trickier software or hardware issues right away, so you can get back to the business at hand. Service has been our hallmark for over 34 years, and we’re always there to throw you the LifeLine you need.  
Renew is a free service offered to all Bon Venture customers. Whether you want a simple cover redesign, or want to completely redesign the look of your entire bulletin, our creative staff will work with you to make those changes. Just let your personal production representative know you want to try something new, and we’ll schedule a consultation with our creative staff to get the ball rolling. It’s that easy! Before you know it, you’ll have a fresh and renewed look to your bulletin!
Extra! Extra! is our quarterly booklet that showcases some of our available bulletin resources for download from our website. Sunday Today, Modern Worship graphics, His Word Today, Kid’s Korner, Daily Readings… they are all included. In addition, fresh new Clips! and special covers are introduced as well.   
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